Montane salamanders from the Costa Rica-Panama border region, with descriptions of two new species of Bolitoglossa

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Sep 10


Two new species of lungless salamanders (Plethodontidae) are described from montane habitats of eastern Costa Rica and adjacent western Panama. Bolitoglossa gomezi and B. bramei are distinguished from each other and from other salamander species in this remote area in adult body size, external proportions, foot webbing, tooth counts, and/or external coloration. Both new species are assigned to the B. subpalmata species group, subgenus Eladinea. A newly identified specimen of Bolitoglossa anthracina-only the fourth known specimen of this rare species in collections-is reported from the same region. Salamander species diversity along the border between Costa Rica and Panama is exceptionally large, at present comprising 22 named and two unnamed forms.


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