A new species of arboreal salamander (Caudata : Plethodontidae : Pseudoeurycea) from the mountains of Oaxaca, Mexico


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Recent surveys of the plethodontid salamander fauna of Oaxaca, Mexico, disclosed the existence of a new, morphologically distinct arboreal species of the genus Pseudoeurycea. The new species, described here, is from the Sierra Mazateca in northern Oaxaca. Sequences of 1833 base pairs of the 16S, cytochrome b and ND4 mitochondrial DNA ( mtDNA) genes from the new taxon were used to assess its phylogenetic position. Previous phylogenetic analyses based on mtDNA supported recognition of four clades within Pseudoeurycea: P. bellii, P. gadovii, P. juarezi and P. leprosa-Lineatriton species groups. One additional species, P. unguidentis, was not closely allied to any of the four groups. Re-analysis including the additional sequences reported here establishes a sister-group relationship between the new species and P. unguidentis. Moreover, it supports this clade as part of the P. juarezi species group.


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Last updated on 05/14/2015