A seventh species of minute salamander (Thorius : Plethodontidae) from the Sierra de Juarez, Oaxaca, Mexico


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We describe a new terrestrial species of minute lungless salamander of the Mexican genus Thorius (Plethodontidae) from montane pine-oak forests in the Sierra de Juarez of north central Oaxaca, Mexico. The new species is distinguished from congeners by a combination of body size, external morphology, osteology, and dental traits, and it is well differentiated genetically from other named species for which data are available. This is the seventh endemic species of Thorius reported from the Sierra de Juarez, and known localities are geographically isolated from those of all other species. Discovery of another new species of plethodontid salamander from Oaxaca enhances the state's standing as a preeminent center of herpetological diversity within both Mexico and Mesoamerica.


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