Two new species of Pseudoeurycea (Caudata : Plethodontidae) from the mountains of northern Oaxaca, Mexico

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Aug 2


We describe two new species of salamanders of the genus Pseudoeurycea from mountains in the northern part of the state of Oaxaca, Mexico. Pseudoeurycea papenfussi, a large, muscular member of the P gadovii group, occurs near the peaks (just below 3000 m) of the highest mountains of the Sierra de Juarez. It is related to P smithi, a more southerly species, and possibly to P aquatica, another species from Oaxaca. Pseudoeurycea obesa, a rotund member of the P leprosa group, is known only from the type locality in the Sierra Mazateca at the northernmost extremity of Oaxaca. It is related to P. werleri and P mystax, which are known from more southern parts of Oaxaca. These descriptions bring to 27 the number of species of salamanders known from Oaxaca. Most of these species are endemic to the state and are known only from regions that are undergoing rapid habitat modification and destruction.


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